3D Print - TCG Pack Dispenser (Version 3)

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This is for one dispenser, 7 are pictured.

Dispenser Features: 

  • Slide in Lid, covers display pack
  • Front stock level display.
  • Back finger slot
  • Lower raised lip with finger slot for easier removal
Works with:
  • Magic: The Gathering Packs
    • Also Holds Thick Packs like:
      • Commander Legends Packs
      • Jumpstart Packs
  • Pokemon Packs
  • Weiss Schwarz Packs
  • Flesh and Blood Packs
  • Yugioh Packs (Limited: Slide pack to the right fully, dispenser is slightly too wide)
This IS a physical product
Keep in mind, this is a 3d printed product and there could be variances or flaws in the print due to how they are manufactured. However, we strive to continually tune our prints and they will only get better with time.
Dispense your favorite packs, for sale, or storage.
Holds around 40 packs.
  •  Size: X 72.4 × Y 137 × Z 241 mm

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